New Flashing Hi Viz Safety Vests
Normal safety vests need another light source to make you visible
Our vests DONT. You light yourself.

Only $45 Each

Stay Safe Get Seen

Keeps you and your family safe every time.
We guarantee you will be seen sooner or your money back
What our customers are saying
John / Auckland Cycle Touring Association

I used my Hi-Glow vest the first night I got it. WONDERFUL! I felt very secure knowing that I was very visible to car drivers. Before I had received the vest I had wondered how effective the LEDs would be if you were leaning forward, as some of the older LED tail lights were fairly directional. Anyway, the LEDs in the vest give excellent all round light output. The reflector strips are great and, of course, the colour of the vest makes the rider stand out during daytime use.

It looks a great product. The first time I wore it on a Club ride four other riders could see the benefits and said they would be getting a vest themselves.